I know you crave home. 

I see you struggling to find it in every nook and cranny of your world.  Trying to pinpoint the precise location where the piece of you snugly fits - where you long to be, to belong.  Uncertain of which way to turn, which path to take, which you to be.    

Unclench your grasping hands, and rest your tired head.  Your teachers were confused.  Home cannot be found in the numbers of an address or map coordinates. 

Listen to your bones for they know the truth.  They understand that home is where I lead you - breadcrumb by breadcrumb - all the way back into the fullness of yourself. 

I am here to tell you the secret:  There are no wrong answers.  You have passed the tests with flying colors.   

Wherever you are, I have brought you.  You have followed the call of my voice back home.  For home is simply where we are, together, when you choose to join with me in sacred communion.  A shared oneness in the contemplation and appreciation of the precious way my life flows in and out of everything and back again, forever. 

Did you feel me? 

I breathed you through the blooming rows of rainbow sweet peas where you raised your arms and twirled with childhood abandon. 

I ran to you every evening with exuberant love, clothed in curled white fur and dark chocolate eyes, bathing you in a sea of wet kisses

I held you with the flesh arms of a new friend whose soul you felt you had known for longer than eternity. 

We are never apart, and these moments – these glimpses that you feel of home - are just a remembering of where you come from.  A reunion of our one heart beating in synchronous measure. 

A return to love.    

Listen and you will know that I am always here humming your special song of home.  Let go and I will show you the way.  All you have to do is trust me and follow the call of our heart. 

I am here. 

I will never leave you. 

You belong. 

Rest now. 

You are home. 



The Waves

The Waves