My Special Place

My Special Place

It is morning, and I am in my special place. 

The gentle breeze is the first to greet me.  It whispers a soft hello wrapping me in a cool embrace, grateful for my presence. 

A garden of water lilies float contentedly nearby, satisfied to bloom precisely where they are planted. 

The streams of the current twirl in delighted frenzy across the way, and yet, on the opposite bank the current is as smooth and still as glass. 

Birds sing, soar, and dive in communion with one another.

A boat sits idle, savoring a long, still pause between journeys.

First one fish, then another, poke their mouths through the water's surface, receiving just enough sustenance for today.    

Wise, old branches lean toward me in invitation to hear their stories as their leaves prepare to display true colors and exit the stage, taking comfort in the majesty of predictability. 

Squirrels bounce playfully in celebration of lightness, proudly displaying their unfiltered joy.

The dock’s support is partial and temporary, created to demand independence, illuminated by a steep drop off at completion. 

Bark is falling with abandon ignited courageously by a promised renewal. 

All is well within this ecosystem of trust. 

With every breath, the depth of this truth stitches together the inner shards of my wounds and I am one with everything. 

All is well.

I am well. 

We are one.



When Fear Overwhelms

When Fear Overwhelms